Creating a successful business is no simple task - if it was then many more would take the risk. It is a journey of delivery, from having a great idea to making it a feasible plan, from self belief to then raising the funds, from hiring the right people, to making a great product, from marketing well to selling your product well, and ultimately making sure it is properly priced and profitable. None of this is a walk in the park, but at the point you have delivered on all the requirements then you can say that the circle is completed - it works.

But the real challenges for your business have really only just begun. You are an entrepreneur so you will want to grow it, scale its operations , get a real return on the time energy, commitment, and money you are expending
You will have to ensure the money earned comes back into the business in a meaningful way to support its growth, you may have to raise further funding. At a certain point, you may want to choose a good time to sell the business and start a new project or enjoy the fruits of your hard work. It is a journey, it takes planning , it requires support.
I’ve gone through all these steps many times, and successfully completed the circle in many successful businesses. I have also seen failures and understand where mistakes have been made along the way. Now I am helping fellow entrepreneurs on their journey, each different, each special in its own way, but each having many familiar issues in completing their particular circle of success.
I’d like to help, and I have gathered a great team around me to help do it - it's called Clarus Fortior, and our business consultancy is based on practical experience, designed to help support you every step of the way on your own business journey to success.

Kevin Ronaldson - Founder

Sales, Product, Marketing

I joined Allied Dunbar as a Financial Adviser straight from Oxford University, and successfully built the most successful individual Sales Franchise, earning the top Adviser spot from 1994 to 1996. I sold my business in 1997 and joined the Board of Allied Dunbar as Product and Marketing Director. I also held the Board positions of Strategic Distribution Director before eventually becoming Chairman of Zurich Independent.

Raising capital, Operations, Leadership

In 2005, I left the Zurich Life Business to establish Intrinsic Financial Services, raising £25m to create the 3rd largest UK Financial Services Network with 150 employees and 1800 advisers. I served as the CEO for 3 years before transitioning to the role of Deputy Chairman in 2009. In 2012, I left to set up Bellpenny Ltd with £30m of funding, aiming to lead the consolidation of the IFA sector in advance of RDR.

Finance, M&A, Consultancy

In 2012, I founded Bellpenny, where I built a business of 200 employees, and through 31 transactions, created a new business with £3.5bn FUM. I handed over the reins at the end of 2015 to set up management consultancy Clarus Fortior, which helps and supports CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners in reaching their strategic goals.

Who we serve:

Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to go to the next stage - whether that be to grow, to increase profits, to merge, to sell, to acquire, or just to have a less stressed and more fulfilled business life.

What we serve:

We provide help, practical support, mentoring, and implementation of the business plan, processes and actions required to achieve that success . It is lonely out there, and we are here to help you deliver on your goals and aspirations.
We deliver the combined learning experiences of building and running businesses, the good and the bad, the successes and pitfalls of over 60 years of owning and managing enterprises across many sectors , big and small. We will tell you what works and almost more importantly, what doesn’t!

Why are we unique: